Friday, September 4, 2009

A Sure Cure for Envy

How many times a day do we complain? "People drive like they are 80." "We have to wait on our food to come out timely in a restaurant." "We don't have enough money to pay our bills." "We want a bigger house." "We want a newer car." We want...We need...We envy....

I would suggest taking a notebook and writing down something you are GRATEFUL for daily. It could be anything. It could be what someone did for you. It could be that you are alive. It could be your children. It could be having a job or a roof over your head. No matter how big or how small, write it down. Then weekly, go thru and read what you have written down.

If there is something specifically that you are lacking such as finances, start writing down what IS being provided to you. If you need health, write down all the things that are healthy about you. If you need patience with your kids, write down all the wonderful things that your kids possess (being able to talk, laugh, run).

I guarantee if you look for ways to be grateful for what you do have, you will be less concerned about what you don't have. You will be grateful. You will be thankful. You will be happy despite your circumstances. I challenge you to a 30 day trial of focusing on the positive and what you ARE blessed with rather than the focus being on what you don't have! Try it!