Sunday, August 2, 2009

My first blog post!

Laughing thru Life is my goal realizing life is short, life is precious, life is FUN! As a wife to the most amazing, loving husband ever for 12 years and counting, we laugh! Being a mother to 3 most amazing precious, tender-hearted daughters...I teach them to laugh! Having the role of sister, the laughs are endless! Sharing friendships thru life, making memories, living life to the fullest, come with me and let's share a good laugh. Life on a merry-go-round is boring and mundane; instead living life on a roller coaster has it's challenges, it's fears, it's good, it's bad; but the ride is worth all the laughs and joys that it brings. I am wearing that smile that you have when you ride your favorite ride at your favorite amusement park...I am laughing with every fear anticipation brings or fear of what is next....I am laughing with every joy when life gives the thrill of joy and happiness...I am living my dream!

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  1. Chimene,
    Can't wait to follow your blog. When you have a spare moment, hop over and check out my blog
    It doesn't get any better than being a mom of 3 sweet girls.